KAN-therm: Connectors/fittings


Clamped-on KAN-therm connectors, depending on the diameter, are available in two versions – KAN-therm Press and new generation KAN-therm Press LBP connectors, differing in their look and in some functions:

  • KAN-therm Press LBP connectors (with a colour distance ring) – diameters: 16, 20, 25, 26 and 32 mm,
  • KAN-therm Press connectors (without a colour distance ring) – diameters: 40, 50 and 63 mm.

The KAN-therm Press system offers a full range of clamped-on connectors:

  • tees and knees/bends, connectors,

  • knees, tees and other fittings with nickel-plated copper pipes 15 mm to connect radiators and armature,

  • connectors with GZ and GW threads and threaded joints,

  • approach pieces to mixer taps,

  • clamped-on connectors for connections between systems. ( (f.ex. for connecting KAN-therm Press System with KAN-therm Push, Steel or Inox Systems).


Connectors are made of a modern PPSU plastic (phenyl polysulphones) or of a high quality brass, which do not loose the zinc coating.
To connect pipes to devices and armature you can also use clamped and screwed KAN-therm connectors.


Download the catalogue of the full range of KAN-therm Press connectors.