KAN-therm: Quality for people and environment

Quality for people and environment

Jakość dla ludzi i środowiska


KAN-therm products have been manufactured for more than 25 years. Over this period we have developed high manufacturing and product quality standards as well as standards on their impact on the environment.

The production is strictly supervised by the company very well equipped laboratory. Manufactured products are tested as well by external laboratories. Our production and other company activities are subject to the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 confirmed by the renowned Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited.


KAN-therm systems mean a contribution to the fulfilment of eco-requirements in the modern construction industry meeting the conditions of energy-saving and environmental impact evaluation systems. KAN-therm supports design and material solutions compatible with the concept of an energy energy-balanced and eco-friendly buildings. Using a KAN-therm system you can reduce the water consumption in buildings, improve the temperature comfort in rooms and to a guarantee a healthy of high quality. To all the investors who support and obey the idea of energy-balanced and ecological buildings: choosing KAN-therm installations you raise the ecological qualities of your buildings!


Jakość dla ludzi i środowiska