KAN-therm: Scope of application

Scope of application

The KAN-therm Inox Sprinkler System is destined for pipelines (distribution lines) of stationary sprinkler systems operating on water or air and installed in spaces of a low or medium fire threat (LH, OH1, OH2, OH3 and up to OH 4 – relating to exhibition halls, cinemas, theatres and concert halls), according to the VdS CEA 4001 Guidelines.

These pipes shall not be used for other fire-fighting and dry sprinkler systems.

Working parameters of KAN-therm Inox Sprinkler System pipes and fittings.
Max. working pressure in pipes and fittings:

  • diameter 22 – 54 mm : 16 bar
  • diameter 76.1 – 12.5 mm : 12. 5 bar
  • diameter 88.9 – 108 mm : 10 bar










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