KAN-therm: Advantages

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Advantages of the KAN-therm underfloor heating:

  • best temperature distribution in a room, the heat is „felt“ in a way most comfortable to a man, i.e. from toe to top,
  • energy saving. Floor heating systems operate at low temperatures (up to 55°C).
  • Moreover this heat is given up by the entire floor surface, causing a feeling, that the temperature inside a room is higher. Due to this the temperature can be reduced by 1-2°C thus saving 6 - 12% of the energy,
  • possible cooperation with other economic heat sources, e.g. heat pumps, condensing boilers,
  • maximum utilisation of the room space. We can give up installing of heaters,
  • installation friendly to allergists. Reduced dust amount in the air in a room,
  • a four-season installation. In summer it can be used to cool rooms and to achieve the air-condition effect.