KAN-therm: Manifolds


The basic adjustment of the heating installation and surface cooling is done by balancing the flow resistance by individual coils to achieve the required water distribution functionality.
The adjustment can be performed using:
  • regulating valves on the bottom of the bar of 51A, 71A manifolds,

  • regulating-measuring valves (flow meters) on the bottom of the bar of 55A, 75A manifolds.

The surface heating is a low-parameter operating installation. The maximum temperature of supply should not exceed 55°C. Therefore, if surface heating will be supplied from the same source as traditional heaters, you should use local or central mixing systems.
Central mixing systems; used when the surface heating is planned for different floors of the building. Usually such systems are located in the boiler room, near the boiler.
Local mixing systems; used when the surface heating is planned on one floor of the building. The systems should be localized in installation cabinets, near the heating installation.

73A and 77A series separator connected directly to the heater installation is a local mixing system. The thermostatic head with a capillary, acts as a protection against any increase in temperature and allows decreasing it from the value of 55°C.